Fuzzy nest calming dog bed Anti anxiety Long Plush Pet Kennel

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Looking for the best calming bed for pets? Now, you find it! Our Anti-anxiety Long Plush Pet Kennel acts as a safe haven for your dog or cat. With ultra-soft and comforting shag fabric, designed to mimic the soft fur of mom. 
Super soft filling offers joint & muscle relief, whilst creating deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow and have a deep restful night’s sleep. Improving your pet’s overall behavior & health.
This bed is ideal for timid or shelter rescued pets, or just those pets in need of some pampering.

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Size Guide:
Be generous when choosing the size of your dog.

  • XS  Diameter 15.75” ,fit for pets less than 2.5KG
  • S  Diameter 19.69”, fit for pets less than 5KG
  • M Diameter 23.62”, fit for pets less than 9KG
  • L  Diameter 27.56”, fit for pets less than 18KG
  • XL Diameter 31.5”, fit for pet less than 25KG
  • XXL Diameter 35.43”, fit for pet less than 30KG
  • XXXL Diameter 39.37”, fit for pet less than 35KG
  • 4XL Diameter 43.31”, fit for pet less than 40KG
  • 5XL Diameter 47.24”, fit for pet less than 50KG
Great for pets of any age, 8 sizes available, the self-warming fleecy fabric keeps your kitty or doggy warmer in winter.

Filled with a high-loft luxurious attractive super soft long plush, macarons color donut shape, shaggy, sink-in soft pet bed retains its plush texture for years.

The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

Allow your pet to burrow, animals will have full, restful sleep for improved behavior and better health.

This cozy bed is lightweight and portable for travel. It is very easy for transportation and convenient to carry it in the car

Package Content:
1 x Pet bed


Fuzzy nest calming dog bed Anti anxiety Long Plush Pet Kennel
beige / Diameter 15.75” - $22.18
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