Cat Toy Arch Self Grooming & Massaging Reduces Shedding & Scratching

$26.99 $19.99
  • Cats love it a self- groomer & massager all in one! Helps stop shedding & scratching keeping your home hair free! And the best part? You don’t have to do anything! Your cat can simply walk through the arch and the bristles will do the rest!
  • Purrfect for cats of all ages! Kittens, Prime, mature, and senior cats benefit from regular grooming sessions at home. Cats devote a large part of their day to cleaning and conditioning their coat and claws.
  • Catnip included This will keep your cat coming back to rub/scratch on their purrfect arch and be a special treat! Give a food treat after a formal grooming session to help encourage a positive connection or feeling with grooming.
  • Less hair balls The more hair removed and brushed off your cat the less hair your cat will swallow. The arch will Brush the Fur and gently massage your cat for a perfect spa treatment!
  • Durable construction: The cat Grooming arch was made with the best quality materials and with special attention to detail for best results. The construction of the arch is very strong and steady for maximum durability and stability.
Cat Toy Arch Self Grooming & Massaging Reduces Shedding & Scratching
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